Thursday, August 24, 2006


Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry
Faculty: Leslee Becker, John Calderazzo, Matthew Cooperman, Mary Crow, Judy Doenges, Deanna Ludwin, David Milofsky, Steven Schwartz, Sasha Steensen, William Tremblay
Length: 2-3 years (“students with Teaching Assistantships or Colorado Fellowships usually complete the MFA in three years; those who don't need financial aid can finish in two”)
# of credits: 48
Tuition per year: $5 468 (resident); $16 862 (non-resident)
Application materials: Submit to Office of Admissions: Graduate School Electronic Application and $50 application fee; submit to Department of English: Graduate Teaching Assistantship Application, 3 or more recommendations, 2 transcripts, statement of purpose, writing sample; GRE not required unless undergraduate GPA is less than 3.0
Deadline: 15 Jan. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: Graduate Teaching Assistantships, which provide tuition waivers and a stipend of a little over $1 K per month, are available on a competitive basis. Other English department positions provide a stipend or salary but not a tuition waiver: working on publications, managing computer labs, working part-time in the Writing Center, etc.
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Subject areas: Prose, Poetry, Translation
Faculty: Keith Abbott, Junior Burke, Reed Bye, Indira Ganesan, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Anselm Hollo, Bhanu Kapil, Andrew Schelling, Steven Taylor, Anne Waldman
Length: 2 years
# of credits: 49
Tuition per year: Easier to go by credit. Cost is $685 per credit (institution is private, so this apparently goes for both residents and non-residents). In all, the 49-credit degree should cost $34 K.
Application materials: Submit to Office of Admissions: Graduate Application (online), $60 application fee, 3 recommendations, transcript, statement of interest, resume, supplemental essay (addresses a list of prescribed questions about your writing that the department has come up with), writing sample; interview recommended but not required—may be requested; GRE optional
Deadline: 15 Jan. (summer/fall entry); 15 Oct. (spring entry). Program consists of summers as well as fall/spring semesters; you do 2 summers, 2 falls, and 2 springs
Financial Aid: The department has not set up any assistantship or fellowship program to provide funds for graduate students.
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Subject areas: Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Scriptwriting
Faculty: Julie Carr, Ruth Ellen Kocher, Lorna Dee Cervantes, Jeffrey DeShell, Marcia Douglas, Sidney Goldfarb, Elisabeth Sheffield, Elizabeth Robinson
Length: 3 years
# of credits: 45
Tuition per year: Easier to go by semester. Tuition for graduate students in the Department of English is $4 005 per semester (residents); $11 520 per semester (non-residents). In all, the degree should cost about $24 K (residents); $69 K (non-residents).
Application materials: Submit all materials to Department of English: Application for Graduate Admission, $50 application fee, 3 recommendations (4th optional), GRE scores, 2 transcripts, statement of purpose, writing sample
Deadline: 1 Jan. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: MFA students are eligible for appointment as teaching assistants, although the department does not have sufficient resources to offer all students assistantships every semester. The conditions of these assistantships (stipend value, tuition remission) are not specified. A limited number of one-time fellowships or tuition waiver grants are sometimes available.
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