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Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry, Literary Nonfiction
Faculty: Kendra Kopelke, Jane D. Delury, Arthur J. Magida, Stephen H. Matanle, Amy Pointer, Bert P. Smith
Length: Program is 48 credits; students take 3, 6 or 9 credits per semester. If you take 9 credits per semester for 4 semesters, then 6 credits per semester for 2 semesters, it should take 3 years.
# of credits: 48
Tuition per year: Easier to go by credit. Tuition depends on the number of credits taken per semester: 3, 6, or 9. For residents, it’s $1 494, $2 988, and $4 482 respectively; for non-residents, $2 253, $4 506, and $6 759.
Application materials: Submit to Office of Graduate Admissions: Application for Graduate Admission, $30 application fee (online applicants) or $45 application fee (paper applicants), Maryland Residency Form, 2 recommendations, 2 transcripts, Statement of Personal Interest; GRE not required. Submit to School of Commuications Design: cover letter and portfolio.
Deadline: 1 Feb. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: There is a very limited number of graduate assistantships; most are in the Graphics Production Lab of the School of Communications Design. A few students work as assistants on literary publications. There are no teaching assistantships at this time. The conditions of assistantships (i.e. stipend/salary value, amount of tuition remission—if any) are not specified.
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Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry
Faculty: Elizabeth Arnold, Merle Collins, Stanley Plumly, Michael Collier, Howard Norman, Joshua Weiner
Length: 2 years
# of credits: 36
Tuition per year: Easier to go by semester. Tuition per semester is $3 843 (residents); $8 289 (non-residents).
Application materials: Submit to U of M College Park / Enrollment Services Operations: Graduate Application (online), $60 application fee, transcript; GRE recommended but not required. Submit to Creative Writing Program: 3 recommendations, Statement of Experience and Goals, writing sample.
Deadline: 15 Jan. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: The program offers Teaching Assistantships and Fellowships based on the merit of applications; the statement about GRE scores being “recommended but not required” means that they are required in order for the applicant to compete for these. The program offers several Teaching Assistantships to incoming Creative Writing graduate students; if a student did not receive one in his/her first year, he/she can compete for one in second year if positions are available.
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