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Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry
Faculty: John Dalton, Steven Schreiner, Howard Schwartz, Nan Sweet, Mary Troy, Eamonn Wall
Length: 2-3 years, depending on number of credits (6-12) taken per semester
# of credits: 39
Tuition per year: Easier to go by credit. For residents, tuition is $276.40 per credit. For non-residents, it’s $276.40 per credit plus a $437.30 nonresident fee per credit—that is, a total of $713.70 per credit. The entire 39-credit program should cost about $11 K (residents) or $28 K (non-residents).
Application materials: Submit to Graduate Admissions Office: UMSL Graduate School Application for Admission (online; includes Statement of Purpose for you to make brief comments about your degree objective; send a more in-depth statement of purpose to the Graduate Admissions Office with the rest of the application materials to be sent there), $35 application fee, 1-2 recommendations, GRE scores, transcript, Application for Teaching Assistantship and/or Research Assistantship (if applicable). Recommendations and GRE scores are only required for applicants seeking an assistantship or financial aid; otherwise the recommendations are optional but strongly encouraged, and the GRE scores are not required. Submit to the MFA Director in the Department of English: writing sample; if interested in a TA-ship, also submit a scholarly or critical essay.
Deadline: 15 Feb. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: A small number of teaching assistantships offer a stipend of $9 K per year (2004-05 figures; I can’t find any more recent) plus full tuition remission, though TA’s must pay some fees. Also, 2nd/3rd- year students are eligible to apply for a GRA position working 20 hours per week with Natural Bridge literary magazine; this involves a $9 K annual stipend with tuition (though not fees) paid for 1-2 years—you are encouraged to volunteer for 1-2 semesters in your 1st year to have a good shot at this position, awarded to just one person. Advanced MFA students are eligible to team-teach creative writing workshops for UMSL’s continuing education program, and many students work as tutors in the writing lab and library.
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Subject areas: Poetry, Fiction
Faculty: Mary Jo Bang, Kathryn Davis, Gerald Early, Wayne Fields, Marshall Klimasewiski, Carl Phillips, Kerri Webster, Kellie Wells
Length: 2 years
# of credits: 42
Tuition per year: $32 800
Application materials: Submit to Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: Graduate School Application (online; may include personal statement), $35 application fee, GRE scores. Submit to Department of English: 3 recommendations, transcript, writing sample (w/ cover sheet).
Deadline: 11 Jan. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: “Because of our selectivity and size, we are able to offer almost all our new students financial aid.” For the first year, awards consist of scholarships (which cover the cost of tuition for 2 semesters of 9 units each), plus University Fellowships (stipends of $16.5 K) to cover living expenses. For the second year, support will generally consist of a tuition scholarship, and, if the application is approved, an assistantship to teach sections of beginning Fiction or Poetry Writing with a stipend of $16.5 K.
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