Thursday, August 24, 2006


Subject areas: Prose, Poetry
Faculty: Judy Blunt, Kevin Canty, Debra Magpie Earling, Kate Gadbow, Patricia Goedicke, Joanna Klink, Deirdre McNamer, Greg Pape, Karen Volkman
Length: 2 years
Tuition per year: Tuition is (*sigh*) by credit. The program is 45 credits. If a resident took 12 for three semesters and 9 in her last semester, it would cost $3124.15 for each 12-credit semester and $2 464.10 for the 9-credit semester. If a non-resident did the same, it would cost $8347.75 for each 12-credit semester and $6 381.80 for the 9-credit semester. The resident would pay about $12 K in all; the non-resident, about $31.5 K.
Application materials: Submit all application materials to Department of English: Graduate School Application, $45 application fee, 3 recommendations, GRE scores, transcript, goal statement, writing sample, and list of publications (if applicable).
Deadline: 2 Jan. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: You can apply for a teaching assistantship, given to about half the people enrolled; they are offered on a yearly basis, and the program tries to renew them for students who have them already. Assistantships entail a waiver of tuition and most fees and a stipend of about $8 K per year. The annual Richard Hugo Memorial Scholarship (again, value not specified; but at least you don’t need to apply for it separately—the criteria will be your writing sample) goes to an accepted MFA student in poetry. Campus-wide awards are chosen by the University Graduate Council each spring from program nominations and entail $3 K (fellowship) and $2 K (scholarship). Several small prizes range from $300 to $900.
Enrollment: 40-50 students per year
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