Thursday, August 24, 2006

North Carolina

Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry
Faculty: John Balaban, Wilton Barnhardt, Bob Bateman, Angela Davis-Gardner, Steven B. Katz, John Kessel, Tom Lisk, Lucinda MacKethan
Length: 2 years
Tuition per year: Easier to go by semester. Tuition is $2.5 K (resident) or $8.5 K (non-resident). Application materials: Submit to the Graduate School: Graduate School Application, $55 application fee, GRE scores, 2 transcripts, and personal statement. Submit to the English Department: 3 recommendations (sent directly from recommenders), writing sample, optional statement of goals, optional resume/vitae.
Deadline: 1 Apr. (fall); 1 Nov. (spring)
Financial Aid: The English Department offers teaching assistantships but no research assistantships, and any fellowships are added to the stipends that teaching assistants receive. The conditions of fellowships and teaching assistantships (stipend value, tuition remission) are not specified.
# of students accepted each year: 12 (6 Fiction, 6 Poetry)
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Subject areas: Poetry, Fiction
Faculty: Jim Clark, Stuart Dischell, A. Van Jordan, Michael Parker, Lee Zacharias
Length: 2 years
Tuition per year: Tuition is per credit: $213.71 (residents) or $658.96 (non-residents). The degree is 36 credits, so in all it should cost about $8 K (residents) or about $24 K (non-residents).
Application materials: Submit Graduate Application for Admission, $45 application fee, 3 recommendations, GRE scores, and 2 transcripts to Graduate Admissions Office; submit writing sample to English Department; personal statement not mentioned
Deadline: 1 Feb. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: Research assistantships with a stipend of $9 K for nine months are available to many applicants. Teaching assistantships also offer a stipend of $9 K for nine months; students who already hold an MA in English can teach in their first year; otherwise they have to wait until their second year to take a teaching assistantship. Out-of-state tuition waivers often accompany assistantships awarded to out-of-state students. A number of in-state tuition waivers are also available. To be considered for an assistantship, simply check a box on the application form. All applicants are considered for the Randall Jarrell and Fred Chappell Fellowships (values not specified).
# of admitted students: 10-12 per year
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Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction
Faculty: Philip Furia, Lavonne Adams, Tim Bass, Karen Bender, Barbara Brannon, Wendy Brenner, Mark Cox, Clyde Edgerton, Philip Gerard, David Gessner, Rebecca Lee, Sarah Messer, Marlena Mörling, Robert Siegel, Michael White
Length: 3 years
Tuition per year: $4.5 K (residents), $14.5 K (non-residents)
Application materials: Submit all materials to Graduate School Admissions: Application for Admission to the Graduate School, $45 application fee, 3 recommendations, transcript, statement of purpose, and manuscript; GRE not required.
Deadline: 1 Feb. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: In the financial aid section of the program website, it says to “check back.” The university financial aid website suggests the usual: FAFSA, federal grants/loans, institutional scholarships, etc.
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