Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rhode Island

Subject areas: I’ll number them, since it’s confusing for this one. There’s (1) Fiction, (2) Poetry, (3) Playwriting, and (4) “Literary Hypermedia” (electronic writing). There’s also “Cross-Disciplinary” studies, in which you work in 1 or 2 genres apart from your genre of primary interest. For some students, cross-disciplinary studies can even go into other areas such as music, visual art, performance art, etc.
Faculty: Robert Coover, Brian Evenson, Thalia Field, Carole Maso, Meredith Steinbach, Forrest Gander, Michael S. Harper, Gale Nelson, Keith Waldrop, C.D. Wright, Aishah Rahman, Paula Vogel, Erin Cressida Wilson
Length: 2 years
Tuition per year: $34 K
Application requirements: Submit all materials to Graduate School Admission Office: Graduate School Application, $70 application fee, 3 recommendations (sent directly from recommenders), transcript, personal statement, writing sample; GRE not required
Deadline: 15 Dec. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: In the first year, graduate students typically receive a fellowship or proctorship that pays a small monthly stipend (value not specified) and covers tuition, the health fee, and health insurance. Fellowships are awarded in recognition of merit and personal need and don’t require employment; proctorships involve non-academic employment. In the second year, all graduate students in good standing who are considered appropriately qualified will be awarded teaching assistantships. Teaching assistants receive a full stipend (value not specified), tuition, health fee, and health insurance.
Applications per year: 650-700
Applicants accepted: 5 Fiction, 5 Poetry, 3 playwrights, 1 electronic writer (roughly 2% of all applicants)
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