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Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry
Faculty: Cyrus Cassells, Dagoberto Gilb, Tom Grimes, Roger Jones, Debra Monroe, Kathleen Peirce, Steve Wilson
Length: Full-time students take 9-15 credits per semester; program is 48 credits. It could take anything from 3.2 (or 4) semesters to 5.3 (or 6) semesters.
Tuition per year: Easier to go by semester. Tuition for residents is $1 134 (9 credits); $1 512 (12 credits); $1 890 (15 credits). Tuition for non-residents is $3 618 (9 credits); $4 824 (12 credits); $6 030 (15 credits).
Application requirements: Submit to Graduate School: Graduate School Application, $40 application fee, and transcript. Submit to English Department: 3 recommendations, copy of transcript, and portfolio. GRE not mentioned; statement of purpose is only required as part of an assistantship application.
Deadline: 15 Jan. (fall semester); 1 Nov. (spring semester)
Financial Aid: Approximately 30 MFA students hold TA positions, and another 10 hold IA (instructional assistant) positions. Many students work extra hours in the summer. Students who hold an assistantship pay in-state tuition rates; the monthly salaries for assistantships are not specified. All applicants who are accepted into the program will have their application manuscripts considered for the $37.5 K Rose Fellowship.
Enrollment: 50-60 students enrolled in any given year
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Subject areas: Poetry, Fiction
Faculty: Antonya Nelson, Adam Zagajewski, Chitra Divakaruni, Daniel Stern, Edward Hirsch, James Kastely, Kathleen Lee, Mark Doty, Matthea Harvey, nick Flynn, Robert Boswell, Robert Phillips, Ruben Martinez, Tony Hoagland
Length: Degree is 42 credits. Full-time graduates take a minimum of 9 credits per semester. At this rate, it should take 4.67 (or 5) semesters.
Tuition per year: Easier to go by credit. Tuition is $188.50 (residents) or $463.50 (non-residents); in all, the program should cost about $8 K (residents) or $19.5 K (non-residents).
Application requirements: Submit all materials to Creative Writing Program: Application for Graduate Studies, $50 application fee, 3 recommendations, GRE scores reported from both ETS and the applicant (submit a photocopy of your score report, as ETS will not report your score until the program finishes reviewing applications); 2 transcripts, statement of intent, manuscript, list of “awards, fellowships and publications”
Deadline: 1 Jan. (fall); generally no admission in spring
Financial Aid: Teaching fellowships pay a 9-month salary (not specified), provide health insurance, remit all tuition charges for 9 credits per semester, and guarantee resident tuition rates for additional credits. Incoming students are eligible for a number of $5 K to $10 K fellowship awards from Imprint, Inc. (a Houston Literary Organization), given in several allotments over the course of the degree. Each year, current students can compete for two Imprint/Michener Fellowships (1 Poetry, 1 Fiction)—the amount varies annually and has ranged from $9 K to $12 K. Also, 5 Donald Barthelme Memorial Fellowships (2 Fiction, 2 Poetry, 1 Nonfiction) are worth $2.5 K; Imprint also offers a limited number of $1 K Tuition Fellowships for returning students each fall in response to the Creative Writing Program’s commitment to ensuring resident tuition for all its students (according to state law, receiving this or any competitive fellowship of at least $1 K entitles the student to pay resident tuition). Lastly, there’s the Brazos Bookstore/Academy of American Poets Prize, but the value isn’t specified.
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Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Creative Nonfiction
Faculty: Rosa Alcalá, Daniel Chacón, Johnny Payne, Luis Arturo Ramos, Benjamin Alíre Sáenz, Leslie Ullman, Lex Williford
Length: 3 years
Tuition per year: Easier to go by cost of entire program. Degree is 48 credits; tuition is $163.50 per credit (residents) or $438.50 per credit (non-residents). In all, it should cost $8 K (residents) or $21 K (non-residents).
Application requirements: Submit all materials to Graduate School: Graduate Application, $15 application fee, 3 recommendations, transcript, writing sample; no GRE required; no personal statement required
Deadline: 1 Feb. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: Teaching assistantships are available for qualified students, but their conditions (stipend value, tuition remission) are not specifed. However, stipends are described as “competitive with those of [UTEP’s] regional peer institutions.”
Enrollment: 35 students on roster
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Subject areas: Fiction, Poetry, Playwriting, Screenwriting
Faculty: Michael Adams, Oscar Casares, Steven Dietz, Robert Foshko, Laura Furman, Zulfikar Ghose, Stephen Harrigan, Elizabeth Harris, Kurt Heinzelman, Rolando Hinojosa-Smith, Stuart Kelban, Judith Kroll, Peter LaSalle, Richard Lewis, James Magnuson, Charles Ramirez-Berg, A. Van Jordan, David Wevill, Thomas Whitbread, Suzan Zeder
Length: 3 years
Tuition per year: Easier to go by semester. Degree is 54 credits in all (should work out to 9 per semester). Tuition per semester for 9-credit graduate students is $2 428 (residents) or $5 665 (non-residents).
Application requirements: Submit to Graduate and International Admissions Center (GAIC): Electronic Application, $50 application fee, GRE scores, transcript; Submit to UT Michener Center for Writers: 3 recommendations, another transcript, MCW Cover Sheet (essential for processing of application), statement of purpose, writing sample
Deadline: 15 Jan. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: Every admitted student receives an annual fellowship ($20 K as of 1 Sept. 2005). Tuition and fees are paid as part of the fellowship package, and support is renewable each year with satisfactory progress. Moreover, students in good standing may apply for Professional Development Funds to attend writing conferences and residencies, do research, travel, or obtain summer support for a major writing project. The current PDF allotment per student is $6 K over the three years.
# of applicants per year: “hundreds”
# of students admitted: 10-12 (less than 2% in Fiction, 4%-6% in other genres)
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