Thursday, August 24, 2006


Subject areas: Poetry, Fiction—Note that Poets and Fiction Writers are admitted in alternating years!
Faculty: Quan Barry, Amaud Jamaul Johnson, Jesse Lee, Kercheval, Ron Kuka, Judith Claire Mitchell, Lorrie Moore, Ronald Wallace, Heather Dubrow, Roberta Hill, Richard Knowles, Anne McClintock
Length: 2 years
Tuition per year: Easier to go by semester. Tuition per semester is $4.5 K (residents), $12 K (non-residents), or $5 K (Minnesotans).
Application requirements: Submit to Graduate School: Graduate Application (online), $45 application fee (paid online by credit card), and 3 recommendations (submitted online). Submit to Department of English: 2 transcripts, personal statement (can be submitted with online application instead), writing sample with cover sheet; GRE not required
Deadline: 15 Dec. (fall); no spring admissions
Financial Aid: With the exception of the Renk Fellow (described further down), all MFA students receive financial support as follows. Teaching assistantships provide an annual stipend of approximately $10.3 K in the 1st year and $10.8 K in the 2nd year. Adjustments are made for people with prior college teaching experience. Each teaching assistant receives a $2.5 summer prize scholarship at the end of the first year in residence. Teaching assistants also receive free tuition and generous health benefits. Now for the Renk Fellow: each time a poetry class is admitted, 1 incoming poet will be awarded a Martha Meier Renk Distinguished Graduate Fellowship in Poetry. The Renk Fellow receives a teaching assistantship during the 1st of the program (see description of 1st-year teaching package as described above). During the 2nd year, in lieu of an assistantship, he/she receives a stipend of approximately $15 K, an expense account of $1.5 K, free tuition, and generous health benefits (though he/she cannot receive summer prize scholarships).
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